Welcome to Mr Bailey’s website! 

If you are one of my students you will find this site helpful and informative.  If you are absent from class be sure to check your email account and your class’s page to keep current. 

If you are a parent or guardian thank you for visiting, please email me if you have any comments or concerns.  Feel free to browse this site to see what’s happening in my classes. 


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It’s a Beautiful Day!!

Summer Countdown!


Mr Bailey’s Classroom Website

You will need these Ignition codes to login to your class account:

    Use this link to signup for the first time https://platform.everfi.net/registration/signup

    (copy and paste your code into the signup page)

                  3rd Period:   bb9752dc

                    4th Period:   e8eaa19f

                    5th Period:   d7106866

                    6th Period:   f7663c05

                    7th Period:   3683e3d2

                    8th Period:   5c6b2e00


Ask your teacher to show you this video.